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More Control with Angular Flex Layout

If you are using Angular(2+) and you are looking for an easy way to layout your components that gives you lots of flexibility and very few restrictions, you owe it to yourself to checkout Angular Flex Layout.  While it is still in Beta, the framework is quite usable.  I’ve been using it in one of my projects and I’ve been quite happy with the results.

More Control with Angular Flex Layout
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Jedi Angular 2 Tips and Tricks

This week, I thought I’d collect a list of unrelated tricks and tips I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks into one post.  Unless you love to read documentation, or you’ve run into problems that these tips solve, I’m guessing you don’t know most of these.

But first, the big new this week…

Jedi Angular 2 Tips and Tricks
Photo credit: iamkory via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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Secrets to Styling Angular2

This past week, while working on a new project, I discovered some secrets to styling Angular2 that I don’t think are very well known.

There are two specific issues I needed to solve this week that took a bit of digging.  The first was that I wanted my routes to fade in and out as I move between routes.  The second was that I was using a grid control from a third party and I needed to style an inner component.  We will cover both as well as some more basic operations.

Secrets to Styling Angular2
Photo via Visual hunt

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Responsive Web Design Conversion

Several weeks ago, I started the process of converting this blog to a responsive design.  At this point it is mostly done.  But it is done enough that I can tell you the process that I went through to get the site converted.

I was surprised by how easy the process was.  But I guess I was lucky because the theme I started out with already was following a number of best practices.

So, to start out with, if you want to move your site toward responsive web design, there are some prerequisites that you’ll need to pay attention to.

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