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EXT DataBound CheckboxGroup

CheckBoxGroupToday I’ve decided to post a control I created for EXTjs that might be useful to you.  The problem I was running into was that I had a group of checkbox controls that all needed to be set based on if a record exist in the database or not.  If the record is there, the box should be checked.  If it isn’t there, it shouldn’t be checked.

Further, if the user checks a box, it should add a corresponding record into the database.

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Access a control by ID From Within a Databound Control


Databound controls are at once very easy and very frustrating.  If you just need to do some simple databinding that gets a list of items on the screen and you need the ability to edit those items, you are all set.

But once you need to do anything that deviates from that simple pattern, you are kind of stuck.  One of the problems involves accessing a control in a templated item.

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