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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master


“Programmers are craftspeople trained to use a certain set of tools (editors, object managers, version trackers) to generate a certain kind of product (programs) that will operate in some environment (operating systems on hardware assemblies). Like any other craft, computer programming has spawned a body of wisdom, most of which isn’t taught at universities or in certification classes. Most programmers arrive at the so-called tricks of the trade over time, through independent experimentation. In The Pragmatic Programmer, Andrew Hunt and David Thomas codify many of the truths they’ve discovered during their respective careers as designers of software and writers of code.

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DotNetNuke Modules – Creating the PA

IMG_1420 By now you have the basics for creating a DotNetNuke module.  The only question we have left to address is, how do we package this all up so that we can install it on another server?

The file we are going to create is called the Program Assembly (PA) and is a zip file that contains all the files that are needed for your module on the server and a file with a DNN extension that defines the module so that all the configuration options we put in dotnetnuke to define the module can be placed on the dotnetnuke installation we will install the PA into.

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Friday Books – Rapid Development

RapidDevelopment My list of “Must Have Books” would not be complete without a copy of “Rapid Development” by Steve McConnell.

To be honest this is more of a Manager’s book than a Programmer’s book, but I still advise programmers to get a copy and read it.  Why?  Well for one thing, most of your managers won’t bother.  So the only way they are going to get this information is if you read it and tell them.

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