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DotNetNuke Response.End() Doesn’t End

screamOK.  This one is just plain annoying!

For some reason that I’ve yet to be able to track down, Response.End() seems to have no impact at all under DotNetNuke.

I tried various hacks.  Including the one you’ve probably seen already about executing Response.End() twice.  No good.

Execute Response.Close() and then Response.End() … infinite loop!

But I was able to come up with a solution that is reliable.

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DotNetNuke 5.x Can’t Move Module On A Page


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the move to DotNetNuke 5 has brought about a few changes.  Some of them are design decisions that are just frustrating, like not being able to see that a module is viewable by the administrators only.  Others are bugs, like not being able to press the ENTER key while searching for a user, like we discussed a couple of days ago.

Today I’d like to alert you to a design decision that may cause you some trouble.

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DotNetNuke 5.14 Search User Enter Key Issue


I recently upgraded a DotNetNuke installation and found several issues that are either different from the 4.x series or are now broken.

Most annoying is that there is now no longer any visual indication that a module is viewable by the administrator only.  Seems there should at least be a CSS class added to the module so that we can control the visual representation ourselves if we want.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that.

But another issue that showed up is in the user screen.

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DotNetNuke – Collecting Profile at Registration


Yesterday I was asked a question that I thought was one thing and ended up being another.  But the question I thought it was is one worth answering here because it takes so darn long to find the answer.

How do you get DotNetNuke to collect user profile information while a user is self-registering for access to your portal?

Like anything, it’s not that hard if you know how.

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