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DotNetNuke Modules – Caching

food-swt-04 A couple of days ago I showed a method for finding a module on another page. Néstor Sánchez pointed out that on a large site, this could cause a significant performance issue. He suggested, instead, registering the location of the module with the database when it is created on the page it is on.

I was looking for a way that would allow the module to move around, and had initially thought that a module-centric method would require the end user to do something. Ah well, that’s one of the problems of working alone. (And one of the advantages of blogging about what you’ve done.)

So, let me show you the way I did solve the performance problem. It isn’t quite as efficient as what Néstor recommends, but it is usable in other situations and it is a performance solution you need to know about. Read the rest of this entry »