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Test Sending Email without a Server in ASP.NET

back-041 By now, most people are familiar with the fact that ASP.NET will send mail from the codebehind by simply adding a few lines to your web.config file and adding another few lines of code in the codebehind file.

But it wasn’t until recently that I found that you don’t need to have access to an SMTP server to test your code.

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ASP.NET Session Variables Not Sticking

J01C0089I’ve stumbled across this problem twice in the last couple of months so I figure it is about time I blogged about it.

The situation is that you have  a page on your web site that sets a session variable and then redirects to another page that is expecting the variable to be there, only it isn’t there.

The first time this happened it was a browser specific (Internet Explorer) issue.

The second time it happened it seemed to be an email client specific issue.

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Templated E-Mail using .NET


One thing I’m pretty consistent about is letting the computer do most of my work for me.  As a “programmer” I really don’t like to program.  I prefer to solve problems.

You’ve already seen the effects of this in how I program PDF files where I use form fields and fill them at runtime rather than building up the entire PDF at runtime.

I use a similar technique when creating e-mails to send out from ASP.NET.

Here’s what I do

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Managing Email

I recently started using a product called Clear Context that does a much better job of integrating Outlook’s email with Outlook’s calendar. The two things I like best about it are that it allows me to schedule follow-ups on my email.

I’m sure many of you have been in both of the following situations. 1) You send out an email asking for information so that you can continue your project and you never get an answer because you forgot to follow up and the person never responded. 2) You get an email that you really don’t want to deal with right now, but if you don’t deal with it now, you’ll forget about it.

Clear Context deals with both of these by letting you schedule a follow-up when you send the mail and by scheduling when you want to deal with the incoming email.

I also have a need to view my new email from my phone and my desktop. Up until I discovered Clear Context, I used IMAP to view my mail in both locations. I would retrieve everything via IMAP and file my mail into a PST file in outlook. This way I only had a minimum of email that I needed.

However, Clear Context doesn’t play nicely with IMAP. You get some of the features, but not all of the features. However, it does play nicely with Exchange.

So here’s what I did:

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