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WebServices – Error Handling

tp_vol2_004 Several weeks ago I presented jQuery at the DotNet User’s Group in Connecticut.  As part of that presentation, I mentioned that I handle errors from my WebServices in a slightly different way than what most authors teach.

I thought this morning would be a good time to cover that method in detail.

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ASP.NET Application_Error Detecting 404’s

misc_vol3_046 For many of you, this is going to be a “Duh!” kind of post.  But while working on this today, I found so many people asking this question and so many others giving the wrong answer, I’m compelled to post anyhow.

If you know the answer, then you are welcome to stop reading now.  I didn’t write this for you.  I wrote this for the hundreds of people who will search for this information and won’t be able to find the answer.  The fact of the matter is, that’s why I write most of what I write–so people searching for the information can find it.

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DotNetNuke Modules – Exceptions the DNN Way

misc_vol3_086 Everyone knows (or should know) that handling exceptions is  a fundamental feature of the .NET environment.  And most of the time if we don’t handle the exception ourselves the .NET environment will handle it for us.  However, letting the environment deal with the exception leaves us with absolutely nothing intelligent for our customers to report back to us when they call to report an error.

So, at a minimum, every application should have some way of getting some of the critical information back to the developer about what happened when the exception happened.  Log it to a file.  Log it to a database.  Send an email.  But do something.

Fortunately, DotNetNuke has an API call that we can make that will do all the hard work for us.  All we need to do is to make sure we call it.

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