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Testing EXTjs with Selenium using C#


For the last two years, about 99% of the work I’ve been doing has been JavaScript programming using EXTjs.  The problems I’ve encountered along the way are primarily related to testing.  Writing unit test using the “MVC Framework” out of the box is nearly impossible, but I did eventually put together an architecture that allows me to do that.  I may blog about that in the future.

Today, what I want to offer is how I overcame various hurdles related to testing EXTjs with Selenium.

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EXT DataBound CheckboxGroup

CheckBoxGroupToday I’ve decided to post a control I created for EXTjs that might be useful to you.  The problem I was running into was that I had a group of checkbox controls that all needed to be set based on if a record exist in the database or not.  If the record is there, the box should be checked.  If it isn’t there, it shouldn’t be checked.

Further, if the user checks a box, it should add a corresponding record into the database.

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