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WordPress w/ Forms Authentication on IIS6

I know I said yesterday that I’d start a series about creating DotNetNuke modules, but I solved a problem yesterday after I wrote that post that I think a lot of you will be interested in.  Especially if you are using WordPress in combination with an ASP.NET site.

The problem we had was this.  We have an ASP.NET web site that requires a login before anyone can see any pages.  We wanted to add a WordPress blog to it that could only be viewed when people log in and wanted to be able to have the same user names in WordPress that they had in ASP.NET.

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The Google Appliance and Forms Authentication


I’ve been working with a client to implement the Google Appliance on one of their sites that has forms authentication enabled.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Google provides a box that you can install to index your own site using essentially the same logic that Google uses to index the Internet.  The advantage is that you have a lot more control over what gets indexed and when it gets indexed than if you just use what Google provides from its public index of the Internet.

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Forms Authentication – Managing Users


While there are a lot of controls available in ASP.NET that allow you to manage forms authentication, one control that doesn’t exist is something that will allow you to manage your user list.

Most of the time you don’t need this, but when you do, there is an obvious hole.

Since we need to write this code ourselves, how do access the user list from our code?

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Forms Authentication – Creating Users


Last week we installed the tables into our database and set up the database connection so that we could implement forms based authentication.

This week, we need to put into place a way of creating users for our system.  The easiest way to do that is to create a form that allows our user to sign up.

You might think that you could just use the configuration tool that is in Visual Studio, but my experience is that if you use that tool and then move the database to another server, it doesn’t always work correctly.

But creating a sign-up screen isn’t that hard.

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