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Host jQuery at Google (with Intellisense support)

tp_vol3_007 While reviewing my RSS feed this morning, I found this article:

3 reasons why you should let Google host jQuery for you | Encosia

I had no idea!

The three reasons are:

  1. Decreased Latency
    Google will serve the data from the closest server
  2. Increased Parallelism
    More threads are available to download content specific to your application instead of downloading this common library.
  3. Better caching
    They may already have the library on their computer.

Here is the code you should be using to include jQuery in your application to use the Content Delivery Network at Google:

    <script type="text/javascript"

The one issue you may have to deal with is that if you are using the intellisense files for Visual Studio, you will need to find some alternate method.  Here’s one:

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Overriding Events in VB.NET

Back in the day, you use to be able to override an event in VB by using the drop down list in the code window.  Today, I had a friend who is moving from Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2008 ask me, “How do I override events in VB.NET now?”  All you get in the drop downs now is the event handlers.

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Intellisense Everywhere in VB 9 (and a small bug)

One of the features the CSharp guys have had for quite a while is Intellisense everywhere.  Want to create a private variable?  Just start typing private and hit the tab key as soon as the word is highlighted.  This, combined with code snippets have made coding in CSharp a bit faster than coding in VB.

What about the VB guys?

Sorry.  All the VB guys got was the ability to see methods an properties hanging off of their objects.  They have had to type out  the whole word for things like public, private, dim and class. 

Until now.  Watch the following video to see the new Intellisense for VB 2008 in action.

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