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Unit Testing Angular(2+) with JSDOM

Unit Testing Angular(2+) with JSDOM can be problematic unless you know the secret handshake that allows ZoneJS and JSDOM to coexist.

The great thing about Angular is that you can write Unit Tests from the presentation layer all the way down to calls to the server.  But up until now, you either ran those tests in a browser, which doesn’t work well in a CI system, or you used PhantomJS, which tends to be REALLY slow!  But there is a better way, and hopefully, by the time this post goes live, the patches needed to use JSDOM will be available.  If not, I’ll show you the hack that I’ve found works and the pull request I’m hoping will go live.

Unit Testing Angular(2+) with JSDOM
Photo credit: Juanedc via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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