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Dissecting Angular 2 Modules

In the new world of Angular 2, and even in the world of Angular.js, you might feel like the concept of a module is the most difficult to wrap your head around. This is especially if you’ve only ever written client side JavaScript code.  Once you’ve learned why you need a module, the temptation is to use one module for all your code.  I am guilty of doing that myself when I first started.  But, many times using one module for your entire application is the wrong thing to do because it reduces the ability to reuse your code in other modules.  Once you understand why modules exist, you’ll begin to reason about how to use modules appropriately.

Dissecting Angular 2 Modules
Photo credit: Sappymoosetree via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

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VB.NET Hide Module Name

misc_vol3_064 Here’s a quick tip for those of you still using modules in your VB.NET applications.

If you create a module and don’t want to see the module name in your intellisense, you can hide it with an attribute.  This can be extremely useful when you have a lot of modules that would show up in your intellisense code and they don’t have names that conflict with each other.

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