naming conventions

I, J, and K Should Die

ijkOne of the hardest things we do as programmers is naming things.  But the easiest thing to name is counter variables and most of us do it wrong several times a day.

Of course, I’m talking about the notorious habit of naming our counter variables I, J, or K depending on how far down we’ve nested our looping.… Read the rest

Hungarian Notation – Use What Works, Spit Out The Bones


I am about to embark on the “religious” topic of naming conventions.  I was reminded of this topic by the short post, “Hungarian Notation, what do I think”, by Richard Dingwall.

I’m sure there will be those of you who will disagree with me, but as I’ve stated in previous posts, these general guidelines I’ve been using for .NET programming have served me well since .NET 1.0; they are meant as strong suggestions for those who are looking for guidance, not rules I expect the industry to adopt because I know better than anyone else.… Read the rest

The case against i, j, and k


One of the greatest programming books of all time is Code Complete by Steve McConnell.  I often recommend this book to new programmers and when I was running the IT department of the Dot Com I was working for, I made it required reading.… Read the rest