Sharing ObjectDataSource From Codebehind


I ran into an interesting “problem” last week that wasn’t all that hard to figure out once I broke out the debugger.  But I thought it would be useful to share the results to save others the time.

The situation was that I had an Object Data Source in a FormView that I wanted to share with both a DataGrid in the FormView and a DataRepeater outside of the FormView.  Since it was in the FormView, the DataRepeater couldn’t see it.… Read the rest

Swapping Out the DAL

One of the comments that showed up on the blog post about using 3-tiered with DataSets and the ObjectDataSource was, “How do we set this up so that we can swap out the DAL?”  The simple answer to this is, “roll your own Table Adapter.”

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Unique SQL Logins and SqlMembership Provider

There are cases where it is advantageous to have a separate sql login for each user login who will be editing your database.  If you are using Windows authentication, this is not a problem because you can pass the windows authentication tokens on through to the db without having to do a whole lot of work.… Read the rest

DataSets, StoredProcedures and 3-Tier ASP.NET

Last Friday I showed how to use DataSet, the ObjectDataSource and select statements.  Today, I’ll start with the project we ended up with last week and convert it to use stored procedures instead and I won’t write any code.  That is, only the DataSet is going to change.  The rest of my code will stay exactly the same as it was when we started.… Read the rest

DataSets, ObjectDataSource and 3-Tier ASP.NET

As I’ve mentioned in other post, while I think LINQ has it’s uses, I still favor the use of the ObjectDataSource control in conjunction with DataSets and a 3-tiered architecture.  Since any future demos I do will probably involve this architecture, I thought it would be useful to do a short demo that demonstrates how to create a 3-Tiered architecture in ASP.NET.… Read the rest