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The Google Appliance and Forms Authentication


I’ve been working with a client to implement the Google Appliance on one of their sites that has forms authentication enabled.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Google provides a box that you can install to index your own site using essentially the same logic that Google uses to index the Internet.  The advantage is that you have a lot more control over what gets indexed and when it gets indexed than if you just use what Google provides from its public index of the Internet.

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Embedding Google Search Appliance Results in ASP.NET


Several of the projects I’m involved with use the Google Search Appliance for their search engine.  For each of these projects, we’ve wanted to integrate the results on an ASPX page so that the results look like they are part of the site rather than taking them to another site to display the results.  This is achieved by using the XML Control, the Google XSLT file, and some good old-fashioned search and replace.

It has been a while since I’ve actually worked on this code.  Mostly we just copy, paste, and modify from one project to another, but I hope to give you enough here to at least get you started doing this yourself, if not everything you need.

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SEO From a Programming Perspective – Theory

IMG_1422 Many of my peers think of me solely as a programmer.  Many don’t realize that I also specialize in search engine optimization.  In fact, about 25% of my income is derived from SEO-related activities.

I thought it would be useful to many of you if I spent a few posts discussing things I’ve learned along the way as they relate to programming.  But before we get into that, we need to discuss a bit of SEO theory.

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