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Using JavaScript to Drive Selenium Tests

I’ve written about using Selenium to test web applications before.  But all of those articles have assumed you are using C#.  I’ve realized that Selenium has multiple language bindings which allow me to use any language I want but C# just seemed easier at the time.  But, now I’m in an environment that doesn’t use .NET at all.  They use Java.  I know Java, but I choose not to use it and instead my focus at this shop is all JavaScript.  Which means, if I want to write Selenium tests to verify my work, I need to write my tests in JavaScript.  But Using JavaScript to Drive Selenium is, in my opinion what everyone should be doing.  At least everyone who is writing most of their web application using client side code.

Think about it, the primary language you wrote the client side with is JavaScript, and yet you are going to write your tests using C#, Java, PHP… when you could be writing the tests using JavaScript.  The same language you used to write the bulk of your application.  Further, when you write your tests using C# or Java, you’ll probably either write the tests using a unit testing framework (MSTest, NUnit, JUnit) or you’ll use some sort of BDD adapter like SpecFlow to coerce the unit testing framework into the behavioral pattern you need.


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Testing EXTjs with Selenium using C#


For the last two years, about 99% of the work I’ve been doing has been JavaScript programming using EXTjs.  The problems I’ve encountered along the way are primarily related to testing.  Writing unit test using the “MVC Framework” out of the box is nearly impossible, but I did eventually put together an architecture that allows me to do that.  I may blog about that in the future.

Today, what I want to offer is how I overcame various hurdles related to testing EXTjs with Selenium.

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What Browser Is Selenium Currently Running


This probably doesn’t happen all that often, but this last week I came across the need to know which browser I was running my selenium test against.  I figured that buried deep in the object structure of Selenium, there MUST be a way of finding out what browser I was currently running.  As it turns out, I was right.

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Selenium Grid Setup

SeleniumGridSetupMy experience with setting up Selenium Grid was frustrated by the lack of information available about exactly what I needed to do to get this working.

I’ve actually had this working for a while now and I’ve set it up, or helped others set it up now, several times.  So, I guess it is time to write a post about it so I can just send people here when I need to explain the setup.

Note, the following discussion already assumes you know something about how to use Selenium without the Grid so there won’t be a lot of code here other than what is need to get the Grid up and running so you can run your test on it.

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Selenium Performance Improvements


As many of you know, I’ve been using Selenium to do my website testing.  And, if you’ve done any testing with Selenium yourself, you know that Selenium can be even slower if you are using Selenium Grid.

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