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DotNetNuke Tweak FOR SEO

DotNetNuke does a pretty decent job of being optimized for the search engines.  But, while tweaking one of my sites today, I realized there is one place where there is room for improvement.

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Google NOFOLLOW Change (and why this isn’t news)


Or, Chicken Little and rel=nofollow

Google recently admitted they have changed the way they pass page rank to pages from a page that has the nofollow attribute attached to one or more of the links on the page.

Actually, it isn’t really all that recent, but I’m still seeing articles about the subject.  In fact, someone just sent me another article yesterday.  The whole thing sounds just like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling because an acorn landed on her head.

Not only is this change not news-worthy, anybody who is worrying about how this change is going to impact his search rankings is probably wasting his time.

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Programming SEO – Ping


Now that we have an RSS feed we can use the feed to ping the various RSS directories that are available on the Internet.  This will create links back to your site including links back to your inner pages, which are the best links you can get.

You also get the advantage of people searching for information on those sites, finding a link to your site, and eventually coming to your site.

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Programming SEO – Cross Linking

YB As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, cross-linking your pages within your site is one of the best ways I know to increase traffic to your site.  In fact, the week I added a plug-in to this site that automatically cross-linked my related pages, I saw a steady increase in visitors.

And that’s just the issue.  How do we set things up so that our pages automatically get cross-linked?  Here are some of the issues we want to deal with:

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