Swapping Out the DAL

One of the comments that showed up on the blog post about using 3-tiered with DataSets and the ObjectDataSource was, “How do we set this up so that we can swap out the DAL?”  The simple answer to this is, “roll your own Table Adapter.”

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DataSets, TableAdapters, and Transient Retry Logic For SqlAzure

ppl-men-055The main project I’m working on these days is moving several web sites to Azure.  It is something I’ve wanted to be able to try for a while.  I’m working with several other agencies on this project and some Microsoft consultants so there is some good guidance along the way.… Read the rest

Transaction Tracking Typed Datasets Using SqlTransaction


I recently had the need to implement transaction tracking between two separate databases on two separate servers.

Unfortunately, I could not be sure that DTC was implemented on either server, so using transaction tracking with the TransactionScope wasn’t an option.

I also wanted to be able to wire this in easily to the existing 3-tiered framework we are currently using so that what I ended up with could easily be implemented by other developers in a similar situation.… Read the rest

One Form with Multiple Tables

B01I0093 I received the following question a few days ago:

“I am trying to use three tables from the same dataset in one form that I am creating in winforms my problem I guess is the setup of it as I can get them all on the form but cant get them to all post to the separate tables when I click save I am using a mysql database with the Mysql connector not the obdc can this even be done?”

Frustrating, isn’t it?  .NET makes some things SO easy, and then when it isn’t you figure you must have done something wrong.… Read the rest

Swapping the DAL Abstractly

Last Thursday, we looked at how to replace the TableAdapter with our own TableAdapter as a way or eliminating our dependence on Microsoft SQL.  The problem with this implementation is that every time you want to switch databases, you’ll need to switch what TableAdapter the code is using.… Read the rest