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Infinite DotNetNuke Skin Sets For One Low Price

H02C0081 Several months ago, I mentioned that I found a product that will allow you to create as many themes as you want for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ASP.NET, or regular HTML.

I also mentioned that it did not do DotNetNuke.

Well, now it does.

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Where Does Live Writer Store Themes


I recently changed my theme to one that has a dark background with light content areas and discovered that Windows Live Writer, the blog editor I use to compose my blogs, doesn’t pick up the style for the content area when it decides what to display in the editor window.

Surely, this can’t be that hard to fix.  But where does Live Writer store the template information?  And can I change the information without mangling the “Preview” display?

The first took a quick search on Google, where I found How to Manually Edit Blog Styles for Windows Live Writer.  The problem is, the article was written for Windows XP and I’m using Windows 7.  It didn’t map all that well.

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Unique BODY tags per page

G07L0019 Last week I talked about a situation where the previous programmer had placed the body tag inside the ContentPlaceholder in order to allow for a different body tag on the page.

Since this is a project that I am actively involved in, I’ve been thinking about the easiest way to “fix” the code so that we can use it.

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if IE Conditional CSS using ASP.NET Themes

winter-011 Yesterday when I introduced Artisteer I mentioned that they use conditional link comments to include IE6 and IE7 specific CSS in the master page.

In my world, I like to use ASP.NET themes for my CSS, which means the CSS will get included automatically.  So the question is, how can we use Artister with ASP.NET themes?  Or for that matter, how can we include IE-specific CSS as part of our themes?

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jQuery UI – Resizable w/ ASP.NET Themes

flwr-083 If you’ve been up to the jQuery web site and looked at the documentation for resizable() you probably thought, “hey, no problem, I can do that.”  Well, that’s what I thought, too, until I started using it.

Here’s what you need to know to get this all working–and specifically, what you need to know to get it working under ASP.NET.

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