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Twitter Follower Obsessions

B01I0037 Do you want to increase your followers?  Or are you as sick as I am of the various products that will help you increase your follower count?

I’ve been on Twitter now for several months and the one thing I’ve noticed is the obsession with having the greatest number of followers.

This is most obvious in the number of automated direct messages I receive that are essentially selling yet another product that will either automate the follow/un-follow process for you, telling you where the free tools are that will do this for you, or linking to services that are essentially pyramid schemes.  All playing on the etiquette of always following someone who is following you.

Here are some of my thoughts on the phenomenon.

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Last week, I had a client ask me how to implement sharing from an email. On the face of it, sharing isn’t that hard for any specific service.  Facebook has their way.  Twitter has its way.  But we’ve been using the service.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide a way to implement sharing from within an email for any service provided?  And what if you could also add the “Share” button so that even if you didn’t put the service in the email that they wanted to use, they still were able to share using the share button?

Well, it took a while, but I finally figured it all out.

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Filtering the Internet Noise


My friend Bill posted a link to “A Day In The Internet” that started a discussion about the signal to noise ratio on the Internet.

I commented briefly, but realized that my comment was turning into more of a post of its own.  So here’s a more complete comment on Bill’s post.

As I said in my comment, I’m not exactly of the same generation that Bill is.  There are roughly 15 years between us.  At this point that doesn’t matter much.  But in Internet time, most of my peers are on Facebook and Twitter because someone in their family is or because someone like me finally convinced them it was worthwhile.

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