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ASP.NET Validation Controls. Friend or Foe?

This comes up on the message boards quite frequently.  The question normally starts out as, “How do I _________ with the _____ validation control?”  Or, if they are really looking for a solution rather than an implementation, they’ll ask how to do it with the validation controls instead of one specific control.

Then somewhere in the course of the thread someone will say something like, “it’s situations like that that have caused me to not use the validation controls…”  Most recently, it was an MVP who seems to be everywhere.  But, an answer like this makes me question every answer he’s likely to give on the forum.

Are there some situations that are more difficult than others?  Yes.  Should we not use them at all because of those situations?  Well, let’s do a cost benefit analysis: Continue reading “ASP.NET Validation Controls. Friend or Foe?”

jQuery Dialog – With Validation Controls


Chances are, you’ll eventually want to use a dialog box in combination with some form elements, and when you do, you’ll probably want to implement some validation.

True, there are some great validation routines available in jQuery, but they only validate on the client side.  They are, after all, Javascript.

As you are probably aware, the advantage of using validation controls with ASP.NET is that they validate on both the client side and the server side and even if we assume that everyone using our web page is using Javascript and has it turned on, there is still the possibility that someone will turn Javascript off so they can circumvent your validations.

So how do we use validation controls AND allow the form to be a jQuery dialog?

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