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WebServices – Error Handling

tp_vol2_004 Several weeks ago I presented jQuery at the DotNet User’s Group in Connecticut.  As part of that presentation, I mentioned that I handle errors from my WebServices in a slightly different way than what most authors teach.

I thought this morning would be a good time to cover that method in detail.

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Mixing ASP.NET, jQuery and JSON

ppl-other-01 I received the following question last week:

I am building a web application… I have a form with server control textbox and dropdownlist…

how can I send this to the server without postback and send me back message if the process of updating the database is successful

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Silverlight, Web Services and Datasets

G05B0037 I sat down today to learn about using Silverlight and Dataset from a Web Service.  Something you’d think would be rather trivial.

I mean, seriously folks.  We use Datasets as a means of transporting data up and down the tiers of just about everything we do in .NET.  It would stand to reason that using DataSets as our transport mechanism in Silverlight would be a given.

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Setting a Web Proxy on a WebService in .NET 3.x

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article stating that Microsoft had changed how the proxy class for web services gets created. Many people found this helpful, but I got one question on the post that really needs to be answered in a new post:

Thanks, now can you tell us where to set the Proxy settings, .Proxy variable no longer exists, and ClientCredentials is not obvious if this is the replacement?

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