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HTC Touch HD T8282 World Phone


Enjoy music videos, films and streaming like you never thought possible on a mobile device. Experience internet browsing so exhilarating… it feels like you never left your laptop at home. Its all delivered to you on a pixel-packed 3.8 WVGA screen and seamlessly tied together with touch-responsive TouchFLOTM 3D. The ultrafast 3.5G technology lets you surf and download at true broadband speeds. On HSDPA networks, the Touch HDTM delivers downlink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps there is no need to slow down while you work or play. The newly added Stock tab keeps you informed of the latest stock quotes, while the connected Home screen puts e-mail, messages and calendar only a finger-stroke away. Get directions, view satellite maps and find your location using Google Maps. The maps are bigger and crisper thanks to the expansive screen. Tap the onscreen controls to zoom in and view more detail. This is navigation taken to a whole new level.

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Google Voice, Apple, and the FCC – One More Reason I Won’t Own an iPhone


Last year I provided a list of reasons why I won’t buy an iPhone.  Since that time I’ve had a chance to play with one and I must admit, it is a pretty cool little toy.

The keyboard is a lot more usable than I thought it would be. It has the ability to accept push mail from Exchange server.  The browser is probably the most usable hand-held browser on the market.  And the screen resolution is awesome.  In fact, when I first saw one up close, I was tempted to make it my new phone.

But even with that, there are a few apps missing.  And even if I heard that there was an application being developed tomorrow that would fill the missing gap in applications, I STILL would not buy an iPhone because of this one critical reason that I missed in my first list.

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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Have an iPhone

ppl-act-014 With all the hype around the iPhone lately, I am constantly amazed at how many people “have to have” what basically amounts to a toy.

I’m also amazed at the reactions I get from other programmers when they find out I don’t even want this fancy new toy.

This is not to say there aren’t things about the iPhone that I like.  I like the touch screen.  Mostly.  At least for initial navigation.  And I like the browser.  But, that’s about as far as it goes.

So, here’s my list of reasons for not getting an iPhone:

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