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WinForms – Change The Active Tab

misc_vol2_056 This question came in last Friday:

I’m trying to code a windows form in vb.net 2005. In my form I have 2 TabControls and a command button. The button is in the first TabControl, so what I want to do, is that when I click the button, in the first TabControl, the second TabControl gets opened.

I’m assuming here that what is really being asked is, “How do I change the active tab in a TabControl from some other event, like a button click in a tab?”

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VB.NET Processing Before WinForm Display


I woke up this morning to an interesting question.

“Using VB.net 2008, I want my project to be a Windows Forms Application, but upon startup, I want to check a few files to see if they exist and if they don’t I do not want the startup form to load. I just want the program to quit. If you have to start this type of application with a form, how do you keep the form from displaying?”

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Windows Forms – Passing Parameters at Runtime

misc_vol4_028 I received the following question over the weekend:

I’ve made a C# form application and I need to send a report name at runtime. How do I add an incoming parameter to the command line? Such as “crFORM.exe Shipform.rpt”

I have to assume the question relates more to how to retrieve the parameter in the code than how to pass it because the example shows how we’d pass it.

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