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Testing Web Applications with Selenium, NUnit and .NET

SeleniumI’m presenting “Testing Web Applications with Selenium, NUnit and .NET” at the .NET User’s Group in CT http://www.ctdotnet.org/ on Feb 11.

Topics include:

  • Where did Selenium come from?
  • How to get started fast.
  • Reading Page Source
  • Clicking DOM elements
  • Using Selenium for AJAX based applications
  • Testing on multiple browsers
  • Separating test from the Page
  • Keeping your test DRY
  • Anything Javascript can do, Selenium can do too.
  • Dealing with Alerts, Confirms, and Prompts
  • Ideas on where to use Selenium other than testing.
  • Gotchas and other considerations

Come prepared for a demo intensive presentation with a separate demo for each concept.

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